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About Infinigen

Infinigen is a procedural generator of 3D scenes, developed by Princeton Vision & Learning Lab. Infinigen is optimized for computer vision research and generates diverse high-quality 3D training data. Infinigen is based on Blender and is free and open-source (BSD 3-Clause License). Infinigen is being actively developed to expand its capabilities and coverage. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

Research Paper

Infinite Photorealistic Worlds using Procedural Generation

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023
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Key Features & Capabilities


Infinigen is a procedural generator that creates everything entirely from randomized mathematical rules, including all shapes and materials, from macro structures to micro details. Infinigen can create unlimited variations. Users have full control the generation of assets by overriding default parameters of randomization.


Infinigen provides generators for diverse objects and scenes in the natural world including plants, animals, terrains, and natural phenomena such as fire, cloud, rain, and snow. The current focus on nature is motivated by the observation that mammalian vision evolved in the natural world. However, Infinigen is expected to expand over time to cover built environments and artificial objects.

Fake Geometry
Real Geometry

Real Geometry

Infinigen is optimized for computer vision research, particularly 3D vision. Infinigen does not use bump/normal-maps, full-transparency, or other techniques which fake geometric detail. All fine details of geometry from Infinigen are real, ensuring accurate 3D ground truth.

Automatic Annotations

Infinigen can automatically generate high-quality annotations for a variety of computer vision tasks, including optical flow, 3D scene flow, depth, surface normals, panoptic segmentation, occlusion boundaries. Because users have full access to the rendering process, the annotations are easily customizable.